e-learning solutions for B2B and GovTech

specific learning content

Your content, transformed!

We specialize in crafting your specific learning content making it easy to understand, process and apply. Similar to a series, talent::digital consists of different seasons. Every season comprises individual episodes that center around specific themes – think process automation, data protection, or cloud computing.

Each episode, lasting 5-20 minutes, immerses learners in interactive quests that put their competencies to the test. This innovative approach not only makes e-learning engaging and enjoyable but also exceptionally effective.

e-learning platform

Single e-learning platform, endless possibilities

Our cloud-based e-learning platform delivers your learning contents providing accessibility across multiple channels and seamlessly integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS). If an LMS is not available, you still have the option to use our learning platform independently.

Your advantages: no installation, no maintenance, no hassles. Updates and enhancements are applied automatically and without interrupting your business operations.

management cockpit

Data instead of gut feeling: our Management Cockpit

We make your employee education measurably effective. What is the performance of your employees in various learning competencies? Are your employees ready to shape sustainable change? Our management cockpit provides answers to your questions, and more...

  • Receive strategic learning insights
  • Motivate your employees with entertaining quests
  • Create meaningful reports
data security talent digital

Data security at its best

All data is stored in accordance with the strictest provisions of the DSGVO. Made and hosted in Germany, built with works councils and data protection officers. Personal reports can only be viewed by the users themselves. Results are aggregated to such an extent that they cannot be traced back to individuals.