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Rediscover joyful learning with talent::digital

Organizational learning doesn't have to be boring and monotonous. We are committed to freeing individuals from tedious learning and providing personalized learning experiences based on specific content needs. Making learning more effective and more efficient.


Empowering companies in employee upskilling

Share your upskilling challenges and specific learning contents with us. Our mission is to improve upskilling through joyful learning, enhancing company performance and enabling business success.

Unlocking Potential with Data

Using data we identify skill gaps and personalize the learning experience based on individual skills, status or proficiency levels, thus making learning more efficient.

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Our method: Learning by gaming

We transform your relevant qualification topics into appealing and action-oriented business simulations or serious games into our platform. Gamified content makes the learning experience enjoyable, triggers intrinsic motivation and thus makes learning more effective.

Inspiring Learning Journeys

From businesses to public administration, meet our diverse spectrum of clients that have elevated their learning journeys with us.

Discover talent::digital

We are a HR tech startup with roots in both Düsseldorf and Berlin. Our dynamic team brings together a wealth of expertise in the fields of didactics and technology, converging to craft innovative learning solutions.

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