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We're content-agnostic, skillful translators of your learning content needs. Your own game episode on your new product or data security? No problem! talent::digital can be flexibly adapted.

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Serious gamification, expertly crafted

“Playing is a firework for the brain cells,” explains neurobiologist Gerald Hüther, for example, and continues : “So in play we lose our fear. At the same time, there is an increased activation of all those neural networks that are needed to master the respective challenges of the game in question. The more complex the game, the more such regional networks are activated at the same time. This is exactly the decisive prerequisite for us being able to develop new creative ideas and ideas through new types of links between the knowledge content anchored in these regional networks.”  

Serious games aren't just games – they're a powerful tool that ignites engagement, enhances content absorption and cognitive processing. By actively participating in the learning process, users not only understand better but also put their knowledge into practical action. This innovative, action-oriented concept paves the way for unprecedented learning success.

Are you ready to tap into the potential of Serious Games? Uncover their impact firsthand in our whitepaper: "Serious Games: revolutionize corporate learning through playful experiences."

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Learning methods that resonate

We recognize that every learner is unique, which is why our methods are designed to engage and inspire across various learning styles. Our range of methods include:

Storytelling journeys: immerse learners in narratives that ignite curiosity and make learning come alive. Decision-consequence games and quizzes are part of them.

Personalized Avatars: make the learning experience uniquely yours through avatar selection and design.

Gamification dynamics: earn badges, activity points, and unlock gamified elements that turn learning into an engaging adventure.

Visual engagement: seamlessly integrate videos that enhance understanding and retention.

Business App simulations: immerse in interactive simulations that mirror real-world scenarios for practical learning.

Extra materials: integrate images, documents, external links, or anything you can of think of to support the learning journey.

Seamless learning transition: move effortlessly through new material, ensuring continuity and fostering engagement.

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Data-Driven Insights

talent::digital provides you with data-based insights into the distribution and development of skills in your organization. So you can reach your goals easily and quickly.

Our Management Cockpit provides a crystal-clear view of the latest learning accomplishments and competence levels, derived from real-time data, empowering you to make informed decisions. Competence goals are defined for the employees.

Based on valid data, talent::digital automatically identifies individual competence gaps of employees in relation to these goals. Subsequently, customized learning opportunities are presented.

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